Mariko Dance Theatre Retreat Program Class fee system:  


Membership fee(one time only, does not apply to visitors or guest):

¥ 32400円(30000円+8%tax)


First time try out(Guest) / Visitors class fee:


Once a month fee:                      ¥15120- (¥14000 + 8%tax)

                                                    * it will apply for absent fee

Twice a month fee:                     ¥ 23760-(¥22000円+8%tax)

                                            *it will apply for absent fee

Three-five times a month fee:     ¥29160-(¥27000円+8%tax)

                                                     *it does not apply for absent fee


Private Classes (mentoring)by appointment only:



from 90mins. ¥8720~ and 8% tax



from 60mins.¥5400~ and  8% tax


[Membership Agreement]


*Register your class and reserve your place.


*Fees will be placed in membership fee bag (exact amount)

   and given  to the teacher on the day of each monthly retreat.


*Absent month,

 will be ¥2160 fee each month to maintain your membership.

   When you are going to be absent,

   please let us know your absentee in advance.



* Due to National Holidays

    January, August, May and December, 

  you will need to adjust your schedule accordingly.  


*any Questions, contact us by e-mail.

* It is our agreement that it is all up to you to learn to grow    

    and to find the balance and harmony of body, mind and spirit.  

    All life matters is your own risk. We are not responsible for

    your injures and any conditions.